In the mid 2000s the Russian MOD came to the conclusion that the Army needs the combat backpack, which will be suitable for all Russian Armed Forces branches requirements.

Patrol backpack has the famous RD-54 in its basis and saved some its good features with the new ones. It`s currently operatable in the Russian Ground Forces, the Airborne and the Marines.

The backpack consists of 3 comportments, the main one ,with waterproof pocket for papers, two side pockets and the flapper with two hidden pockets for winter masking cover and for some small items.Moreover, it has the prolonged shoulder straps for usage with Soviet\Russian parachute systems and the hard back. This kind of backpack is included into the 6B52 Ratnik equipment kit and has 25 l volume.


  • Cordura 100D (OD), Mogotex (Flora), Baltex Cordon 500 PU (EMR\Digiflora)

Patrol Backpack "Techincom" 25L


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