Often in marching conditions, you have to carry bivouac equipment with you, it takes up a lot of space and weighs a lot, hammocks are devoid of this disadvantage.

Hammock "RAID" is relevant for long Hiking trips, its design allows you to lie in an anatomically comfortable position, horizontally almost without bending. The hammock is equipped with a double hanging pocket on a carrier cord, a large sewn pocket at the end of the hammock and a one-way entrance made of mosquito net. In our store you can buy it in 2 options: only a hammock or a hammock in an extended configuration.

To install the hammock, tie each thin long elastic tie with a ring and tie an orange signal cord to it. Repeat with the remaining braces. Tie the completed braces to the transverse loops of the hammock and awning. If your kit includes a pad, spread it out on the floor, put the hammock inside and thread the carrying cord through the narrow ends of the pad, and the transverse straps of the hammock through the corresponding holes in the pad. Thread a carrying cord on each side of the hammock through the loop of the awning and tie short elastic ties. To install the cape, it is necessary to tie special elastic cape cords to the hammock carrier cord and tie them to a special loop on the cape. After that, the cape must be pulled and secured with knots.


  • Taffeta 190T

Tactical Hammock "Raid"

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