When organizing a temporary or long-term field camp, it is necessary to install an improvised roof.for this purpose, tents of different sizes and form factors are used.   

The Polygon awning is a universal solution for protecting a sleeping bag or hammock from rain, sun and wind, which is convenient to transport and easy to install.   

The edges of the tents are cut in an arc, and when installed, this compensates for the sagging of its Central part. The corners of the awnings are reinforced with inserts made of denser material.   

The tent is presented in two versions:

Hexagonal tent L - Shape: hexagon, size 3. 5x3 m. length of sides 165 cm.

Octagonal awning XXL - octahedral Shape, size 3. 5x4. 5 m. side length 150-165 cm.


  • Taffeta 190T

Tactical Tent for Hammock "Polygon"

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