In the 2000s, there was an understanding that special equipment is required for soldiers of military special forces and scouts to operate in autonomous conditions and conduct combat in forest / mountain areas. Thus, a special webbing system 6SH104 appeared, which differed from the standard vest of ordinary infantrymen and paratroopers. 6SH104 actually became the progenitor of the modern SMERSH, while being a descendant of the Harness "Partisan", but for the Ministry of Defense, and not for the special law enforcement agencies of Russia.

6SH104 is a simple and balanced webbing system, consisting of shoulder straps with a soft and inner belt, which houses two pouches for 4 AK mags and 1 grenade, two utility pouches, one pouch for bandage and a combat backpack.

This belt-belt system is perfect for the reconstruction of army scouts from the time of the Ossetian War of 2008, the 45th Separate Guards Brigade of Special Purpose of Russia.


  • LRTP 25 mm
  • Apri, Zavod Trud
  • 30% cotton, 70% polyester

Webbing System "6sh104"


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