In certain circumstances, carrying ammunition on the warbelt can be inconvenient (for example, when you are in a car) or wearing a body armor equipped with magazines is uncomfortlable or unnecessary (in hot weather or at a shooting range). The chestrigs were invented to solve these problems.   

Lightweight "Rig" MOLLE vest from "Survival Corps" is a great choice for a shooter who needs a lightweight, functional and comfortable vest. This vest is made of durable breathable nylon mesh, has 4 rows of MOLLE for attaching all the necessary pouches. Has an inside pocket for a map or documents. You can also place a small armor element in it.   

The vest is compact and lightweight, and a quick release is also provided due to the use of fastex. Also, "Rig" can be mounted on a bulletproof vest or combined with some backpacks, which provides high modularity. It is made of original materials of the highest quality, has a unique camouflage and does not shine in the NVG like any other SRVV equipment.


  • VELCRO®, COATS®threads,YKK STOCKO®and ITW NEXUS®accessories
  • CORDURA® 1000D


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