Accurate shooting is a guaranty of tactical superiority. Many types of equipment were invented to improve accuracy and one of them is a bipod. This is an essential attribute for the machine gunner or sniper, so rifles and machine guns usually have regular brackets for attaching it. But what to do if you decided to change the weapon foregrip to a more convenient one and it has no fastening on it?   

Do not be upset. The company RTM produces many adapters, including brackets for bipods. SMA "Bakanovi" - an ultra-light low-profile bracket for keymod and m-lock systems. This bracket has a very small size, which has a positive effect on placing the weapon because it will not be held too high.   

Due to the use of duralumin usage, "Bakanovi" is not only durable, but also extremely lightweight (less than 20 grams). Bracket successfully passed the test in the cold, where high loads were put on it.


  • Aluminum
  • Anodizing

Brackets for bipods SMA "Bakanovi"

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