The bright sun is a major obstacle for a shooter. Of course, you can wear sunglasses, but they obscure everything around and that hinders your visibility. And they weep if you are moving quickly. In addition glasses can't protect you from overheating, wind or rain. You need a headwear for this.

From the 1990s to the end of the 2000s, the Russian army used caps with "ears" in Flora pattern. These caps had a very simple but functional design. There are 4 air vents and “ears” on the cap, which protect the head and neck from wind, dust and sun, which is especially important in hot regions. These caps were used by Russian soldiers during the First and Second Chechen Wars.

The cap fits head well, protects it from heat, and his eyes from the bright rays of the sun. Perfect for re-enactors.


  • Cotton 50%, polyester 50%

Cap "Flora"

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