The legendary Soviet T-34 medium tank. For the first time, this model of tank began to be supplied to the Soviet troops in the late 30s. This tank became the most popular and the best medium tank during the Second World war. Soldiers valued its combat qualities, such as reliability, a good gun and rational angles of inclination, which sometimes saved lives, because enemy shells simply bounced off the tank's armor. The difference between the 76 and 85 versions is in the diameter of the guns (76 mm and 85 mm). This tank, in a modification with an 85 mm gun, is still in service in some countries and participates in combat operations (Syria, Yemen).    

This product is a model for self-Assembly. The parts are made of durable plastic. The Assembly does not require any special knowledge or skills from you, so this model will be a great gift for both children and adult fans of Russian Military equipment. On average, it takes 1-2 evenings to build a single model. The kit contains two instructions, one for Assembly, the other for painting. Instructions are duplicated in English.    

In addition, you can purchase the model along with all the paints, as well as the glue necessary for Assembly. The glue and paint are selected in such a way that you have exactly enough to glue and paint your model. Painting the model takes about 1-2 evenings. Acrylic paints are easy to handle and quickly dry, so it will be very easy to paint the model.

Acrylic paints what included in the kit:

Silver №5

Steel №7

Blued steel №8

Rust №10

White №17

Black №20

Wood №25

Olive drab №55


  • Plastic
  • Toluene, Butyl Acetate, Polystyrene
  • Acrylic

Soviet Medium Tank "T-34/85"

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