The bright sun is a major obstacle for a shooter. Of course, you can wear sunglasses, but they obscure everything around and that hinders your visibility. And they weep if you are moving quickly. In addition glasses can't protect you from overheating, wind or rain. You need a headwear for this.

Survival Corps produces extremely comfortable and high-quality tactical caps. A long three-layer visor perfectly protects your face and eyes from the sun and the high content of cotton in the fabric, together with 6 vent holes, will protect you from overheating. The SRVV cap is an excellent choice for wearing at the shooting range and in the forest due to its high comfort and effectiveness. It is also comfortable to wear in city. Sunset? Just turn it backwards.

The cap has a low profile and will not stand out too much on your head. It is made of original materials of the highest quality, has a unique camouflage and does not shine in the NVG like any other SRVV equipment. You can also install an call-sign or any other patch on Velcro® panel in the front.


  • 50% Nylon 50% Cotton MIL-SPEC
  • The material is produced in the USA under the license of "Survival Corps"
  • NIR (camouflage in the near infrared)
  • VELCRO®, Threads COATS®, Buttons STOCKO®

Baseball Cap "SRVV"

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