During service or combat, weapons become an integral part of the soldier, but you do not need to carry gun constantly in your hands, and it is easy to drop and lose weapon, so you need to attach a sling to any weapon.

One point sling Surpat is a simple one-point sling with a shoulder pad and fast release. It is convenient to use with short barrel weapons, such as the AKS-74U or M4A1.

The sling is attached to the weapon with a steel carbine to the butt of the butt, is equipped with a fastex for quick reset and rubber, is convenient for both right-handed and left-handed people, and has a shoulder cushion for greater comfort in handling weapons.


  • Cordura 1000D
  • Velcro ® , Threads COATS ®, Plastic buckles YKK STOCKO ®

One Point Sling "Surpat"

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