In some situations the primary weapon can be empty or inconvenient to use so you have to use a pistol. At such times, the speed with which you will reach a secondary weapon matters, so you better pay more attention to choosing a holster. A common belt holster can't be used with warbelts or some vests and a thigh holster isn't always comfortable.   

Survival Corps have MOLLE holsters for such purposes. You can easily place it on any equipment in any convenient place, as well as wear it on a thigh MOLLE panel and on a trouser belt. The holster was designed for the MP-443 "Grach" but can be adapted to other pistols.   

The main advantage of all Survival Corps equipment is the use of completely original foreign materials with usage of Russian technologies, which ensures the highest quality of their products. All products don't glow in NVG.


  • Original SURPAT®/Multicam®/A-tacs FG® CORDURA® 1000D NIR
  • VELCRO® STOCKO® snap buttons. COATS® threads

Holster "PYa"

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