Free, not restricting movements cut. High quilted belt, fastened with two buttons, rubberized on the sides. A codpiece with a zipper. Six belt loops for a trouser belt up to 60 mm wide.

On the knees are reinforcing pads made of the main fabric and pleats for articulation. Side undercut pockets with an open entrance. Back welt pocket on the right side, with a flap on the buttons. Front cargo pockets with flaps on buttons and with an inflection of the entrance to protect against the loss of small contents, with folds for volume.

Pocket for a sling cutter or bayonet knife on the right side. Rubberized inlet, volume valve on buttons. Inside there is a vertical sling with cells for fastening the scabbard. The bottom of the trousers is rubberized for wearing over shoes. Inside are sewn anthers made of thin mixed fabric with elastic bands

Stainless steel buttons with a plastic cover in the color of the fabric.


  • 53% Cotton, 47% Polyester

Trousers "Becas"

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