In the 2000, the equipment of Russian soldiers in different branches of the armed forces was very different, so it was before the adoption of a single set of equipment "Ratnik". In the Russian Army of that time, the 6SH92 vest of five different modifications was used, in the VDV, the 6SH92-5 vest was regularly used, it was functionally designed to interact with landing equipment and transport of the BRDM type.   

6SH92-5 is a discharge vest designed specifically for the needs of the Russian Airborne Forces. It consists of two chest parts with four pouches for 2 AK mags, two pouches for grenade, two pouches for ROP, Y-shaped shoulder straps and a waist belt.   

The 6SH92-5 vest is designed to be worn with the 6B23 bodyarmor, used in the Russian Airborne Troops VDV, during the Ossetian War of 2008 and during the Crimean Operation.


  • LRTP 25 mm
  • Apri, Zavod Trud
  • 30% cotton, 70% polyester

VDV Combat Vest "6SH92-5"


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