Your effectiveness as a combat unit depends on your shooting accuracy. According to many circumstances, the shooting technique changes, but there are two things that always remain the same — your skills should be high and the weapon must be as convenient as possible. But sometimes the weapon in a standard body doesn’t satisfy the shooters with its behavior when shooting.   

"Vezhliviy Strelok" produces excellent muzzle breaks for AK based assault rifles. In our store you can purchase breaks for AKM, AK-74, AK-105 and "Vityaz" as, as well as for weapons on their platform. Eight holes are directed back, which provides more efficient recoil compensation by creating a jet stream. In addition, these breaks reduce flash and shot sound.   

VS-05 (7.62 & 5.45) and VS-09 have compact size, increase the accuracy of fire by reducing the recoil of the next shot, and also just make the shooting process more convenient and enjoyable. A specific feature is the ability to customize them with built-in screws depending on your needs.


  • Steel

DTK "VSA-05/09"


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