The submachine gun is an excellent product for self-defense of tank crew and police operations. To work effectively with it, there are many useful things, among which there are various kinds of pouches.   

The MP-119 open pouch is designed to accommodate submachine gun magazines. The pouch does not have a flap, it holds the magazine due to a rigid frame and elastic band. The MP-119 pouch is ideal for Vityaz, MP5 and other models of submachine guns.   

This pouch is ideal for use in urban environments, where the risk of contamination of ammunition is minimal, as well as during competitions, where a fraction of a second spent on opening the valve can cost you a victory.


  • Acetal
  • Nylon 100%
  • Korean Kodra 500D (OD, Black, CB, Multicam, Moss); Belarus Mogotex 500D(EMR)

FAST SMG Pouch "Wartech" MP-119

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