Transportation of personal weapons is a very important issue, and it does not matter what kind of weapon you have, firearms, airsoft drive or other pneumatics. The weapon must be packed and fixed.   

The case from the company Techinkom is very versatile and thoughtful in its design, it allows you to carry more than one barrel inside and has tactical flexibility. The main part of the mat has inserts made of polyurethane foam, which allows limited use of it as a thermal insulation carpet.   

The case closes with a fastex, on the outside it has several panels made of a looped part of a textile fastener and a handle for carrying, inside there is a molle interface for fixing weapons with special ties included in the kit, as well as a velcro interface. On the outside of the back wall, it is possible to attach shoulder straps for carrying on the back, it also transforms into a mat on which it is convenient to lie.


  • "Cordura 1000D (Olive), Baltex Cordon 500PU (EMR Summer)

Weapon case-mat "Transformer"


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