![]( Aproduct/A_camo/description.jpg) A need in sit could comes in any situation, mo matter is there a cold weather or a wet. But it's not a good idea to be in wet pants up to the end of a mission. That's why special forces use such simple thing as a sitting mat. Regular Army Sitting Mat has ergonomic shape and good for those, who dislike square or round sitting mats. It hugs the body and doesn't disturb to move due to the shape. Velcro valve enable to change a filler of a sitting mat. The size of a mat is 280x350mm.
![]( Aproduct/A_camo/Features.jpg)
1. Ergonomical shape. 2. Possible replacement of a filler.
Fabric: Cordura 1000D (Olive Drab), Mogotex (Flora VSR-98), Baltex Cordon 500PU (Digital Flora EMR Leto). ![](
Weight: 160 gram


    Sitting Mat "Techincom"

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