![]( Aproduct/A_camo/description.jpg) This product won't be restocked anymore! Hurry up to get your size! Souvenirs have always been popular. They can serve as a wonderful gift. When souvenir T-shirts with bright and catchy prints appeared they immediately became extremely widespread. In such a T-shirt, you can easily demonstrate to others your personality and love to military. T-shirts from the "Land of the Warriors" series are made of high quality fabric, the drawing is applied by silk-screen printing and doesn't get worse when worn and washed. The T-shirt will look like you just bought it for a very long time. The drawings of some T-shirts depict real officers of the Russian special services and are based on the work of military photographers (such as Konstantin Lazarev). T-shirts are made of high quality and pleasant Penier cotton.
![]( Aproduct/A_camo/Features.jpg)
1. The drawing is applied by silk screen printing. 2. The picture retains its original appearance after 30-50 washes. 3. Expensive cotton very pleasant for the body. 4. Most of the figures depict real units.
Fabric: Cotton Penier 100%. ![](
Weight: 220 gram


    T-Shirt "Warriors Land"

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