![]( Aproduct/A_camo/description.jpg) In modern realities, fighters often need high mobility, in this case they use a combat belt and a small-sized tile carrier. For maximum convenience of this equipment, a simple and convenient ammunition pouch should be located on the front side of the flagstone. The company Mordor Tac. has developed a "Frontal" pouch specifically for placement on the front of the vest. This is a functional, but not overloaded with unnecessary details, a pouch made of modern materials. The pouch allows you to ideally place ammunition inside, one or two magazines in each, while thanks to the correct design, the magazines do not hang out inside the pouch and are well fixed without additional accessories. The "Frontal" pouch is extremely simple and convenient. With its large capacity, it has a low profile due to the slings of the hypalon mall. It holds 6 AK 5.45 and 7.62 magazines (depending on the modification), it is also suitable for AR15, VAL, AUG and other magazines on an intermediate cartridge.
![]( Aproduct/A_camo/Features.jpg)
1. Designed to be placed on a frontal
part of plate or chestrig. 2. The MOLLE mounts are made of hypalon,
this ensures low weight and high strength. 3. Low price and weight is ensured by
the absence of unnecessary functionality. 4. An excellent choice for a professional or a beginner. 5. Only modern materials are used in production,
ensuring durability and ease of use.
Fabric: Cordon Prime (OD, Black, Coyote, Moss); Cordura 1000D (Multicam); Cordura 500D (Black Multicam) Contact Tape: 100% VELCRO ® Nylon (Belgium) ![](
Weight: 250 gram


    AK Pouch "Frontal"

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