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NOTE! We ordering it from Supplier, who making it specially for you and it can took 2-3 weeks. 

1. Box for machine-gun tape
2. Box cover with fastening for the sleeve
3. Flexible segment sleeve feed
4. Backpack, CORDURA® fabric
5. Protective case for flexible hose, CORDURA® fabric
6. Bracket for quick installation on standard weapon place

Weight: 4.1 kg without ammunition.

Kit "Scorpion" is changing the tactics of battle, allowing the gunner to solve the problem with the amount of ammunition and the need for frequent recharging without affecting mobility. This solution - a long-standing need of special forces, which found finally realized.

Ammunition - 550 rounds of ammunition without reloading

"Scorpio" is equipped with easy-to-handle sleeve feed nerassypnoy metal strip that allows for a continuous fire from the weapon in any position. Holds 475 rounds of ammunition in the main compartment, and another 75 rounds directly into the feed sleeve. Cartridges packed in a special box, which is placed in a backpack (for the Heavy Equipment such ammunition would be required before 6 bulky machine gun boxes).

The basic system, together with the basis backpack equipped with adjustable waist belt and shoulder straps. Flexible sleeves made of strong steel and coated with a chemical coating resistant to corrosion.

Achieving the benefits of fire without changing baskets and recharge.
Creating a high density of fire for the complete suppression of the enemy.
Relief gun by shifting the weight of ammunition.
The ability to quickly fasten the sleeve in the transition from marching into the firing position.
The box with the sleeve can fit into any backpack (if required or if damaged backpack walking included).

The product is suitable for: airsoft models of PC-based, 6P41 "Pechenegs" 6P6M RMB
The system of "Scorpio" is designed and manufactured under a 7.62 h54 R chuck Grau different indexes (can be manufactured for other gauges).
Suitable for operators with any anthropometric data.
Rucksack base with adjustable shoulder straps and a belt (at a corresponding complete set), can be manufactured in different colors (main color - olive)
The sleeve is equipped with a soft cover for protection from the environment.
High-strength chemical coating of the elements.
Full maintainability - the possibility of replacement of individual elements of the system without the aid of instruments and appropriate training in all conditions.
Simple and secure attachment of the flexible sleeve to the body of the machine gun on the standard boxes mounting space. Quickly put on and take off. Excluded spontaneous opening during movement and shooting.
The force of the flexible feeder to the gap in the stretched position, at least - 90 kg (static weight)
Made in Russia



    Since 1992, it specializes in the manufacture of special equipment for Russian security forces. Currently, it is one of the leading Russian companies to develop and manufacture a wide range of clothing, ammunition and equipment. Specialists of the company from day one built for themselves stringent requirements - the product must comply with international standards. All products are all kinds of strength tests, hygiene, wear resistance. This system works best possible products have passed the test in many special operations

Soldier's equipment show the culture of the nation!

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