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Regular Medical Pouches

This is regular medical pouches. They are created to keep medical stuff. Usually included tourniquet, bandage, painkillers and some other stuff, depending on the current mission

Quick-Release Medical Pouches

This pouches created for Specops operators. They use it in cases, when their mate get injure and don't have time to dig in his own pouch to find proper medical stuff. Detach it from velcro, throw it it to cpmrade



Dump Pouches


Universal Pouches

For Flasks

Crumbs Bags

Protective Pouches

This pouches created to protect stuff inside from outside impacts. Usually they reinforced with plastic, or something like this. That's why they are little bit more expansive, than regular pouches

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Groin Pad Universal Pouches

This type of bags created to be placed on Vests. Usually they used as additional place for your stuff, because they don't provide any protection

Special Pouches

Leg Pouches

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