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Camping stuff

Here you can find everything, what can be useful during multiple day trips and camping. All this items tested and created specially for Russian Army, so, they are durable, simple and of course very practice. 

Cloak Tent (Plash-Palatka)


Russian Army Infantry Shovel "MPL"


Russian Army Kettle


VDV Kettle


Army Travel Bag


Russian Army NK-1


Russian Army Soap


Russian military tent


  • Black
  • Olive

Camo Net on face "Mosquito"


Sleeping Bags & mats

Here you can find issued Russian Sleeping Bags, created specially for Russian Military Units. Plus, here you can find also different mats, created for combining with Sleeping Bags. If you planing to sleep on something cold, like concern or similar - don't forget to buy mat for comfort sleep.

  • Digi Flora

Army Regular Sleeping Bag


Winter Sleeping Bag "Defender"


Repair Kits

Here you can find different useful items for the repair kits. Ready repair kits, Russian Fabric and etc. 

  • Repair Kit for 6sh112/6/7
  • Repair Kit for 6b46
  • Repair Kit for 6b43/45

Vest Repair Kit


  • White
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red

Adhesive tape "Izolenta"


GOI polishing paste


Russian Army Sewing Kit


Russian Army Sewing Kit New Gen


Useful Stuff

Here you can find everything, which can be useful or just funny and wasn't included in all others categories on our website. Yeah, we were too lazy to created new categories for this stuff. You can call this category - Limbo. 

Plastic Handcuffs


  • Khaki
  • Black
  • Olive

Snap Hook "Karabin"


  • Digi Flora
  • Black
  • Olive
  • Multicam
  • A-Tacs FG

Cover for Optic Sight


Ghille Cover for Backpack "Chimera"


Medical case "AI-1"


Military Frameless Stretcher


Officer Field Bag


Officer scale rule


  • Olive Drab
  • Black

Purse "KSH-6"


Sergeant Field Bag


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