Ration Pack

Russian Ration Packs are one of the best in the world. They are big, pretty cheap, tasty and very nutritious. Plus it's healthy, because made without preservatives and contains only natural ingredients! 

  • One Meal
  • Two Meals

Compact IRP (MRE)


Emergency Food Ration


  • Camping MRE (IRP)
  • Camping MRE (IRP)

Pocket IRP (MRE)


  • Standard MRE
  • Enhanced MRE (IRP)

Rosguard and MVD MRE (IRP)


  • 1st Variant
  • 2nd Variant
  • 3rd Variant
  • 4th Variant
  • 5th Variant
  • 6th Variant
  • 7th Variant

Russian Army Ration Pack - IRP


Vegetarian MVD MRE (IRP)


Winter Ration Pack (MRE)


Russian Food

Here you can find various Russian Food, including legendary Sgushenka and Tushenka. Want to taste Russian Food? It's the best way!



Ration Pack Bundles

Looking for the Russian IRP? Friend looking too? Take a look on our Bundles! All of them selling with good discount, and include different IRPs - Russian, Police, Special Force and etc. 

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