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Classic Caps

This is Russian Caps. All of them used by Russian Army and SF. You can find different caps in different colors here. Including souvenir production. 

Cap "Gorka"


  • Partizan/SS Leto
  • Sumrak
  • SS-Autumn
  • Spectre Origin
  • Spectre SKWO

Cap "US"


  • Digi Flora
  • Skol/Izlom
  • Black
  • Olive
  • Khaki
  • DPM/Green Kukla
  • Green Kamush

Cap "Web"


Army Regular Cap "VKBO"


Cap "Flora"


Cap "Pilotka"


Soviet Army Summer Cap "Afghanka"


Soviet Specnaz Summer Cap "Mabuta"


  • Digi Flora
  • A-Tacs FG
  • Multicam
  • Black Multicam

Cap "Gop Tac"


Tactical Caps

Here you can find different Tactical caps. Their main difference between classic caps and them - Velcro panels for patches

  • Olive Drab
  • Spectre Origin
  • Spectre SKWO
  • A-Tacs FG

Baseball Cap "Contractor"


Baseball Cap "SRVV"



This is Russian Hats. Most of them created for cold and wet weather. Made from wool or fleece, they will keep your head warm. 

Hat "Chechenka Original"


  • Digi Flora
  • White
  • Black
  • Olive
  • Blue/Grey Kamush

Hat "Chechenka"


  • Black
  • Orange

Wind-Waterproof Hat "Keeptex"


Winter Hats

This hats created for cold Russian Winter. They will works perfectly in outdoor, when temperature below 0 celsius. Some of this caps can be great souvenir. 

  • MVD Ushanka (Blue)
  • Army Ushanka (Black)
  • White Ushanka

Soviet Ushanka Hat




VKBO Winter Ushanka Hat (Officer's)


VKBO Winter Ushanka Hat (Soldier's)



Beret is a distinctive feature of Russian Units, like VDV or Military Police. Man in beret looks like a real superhero on battleground. 

Military Police Beret


  • Black
  • Olive
  • Blue

Russian Army Beret


  • Army Olive
  • VDV Blue
  • MVD Black

Soviet Army Beret


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