Jacket & Shirts

Combat shirts and jackets going separately from the lower part of combat clothing, this section will be interesting to those who have a big difference between the size of the upper and lower parts of combat and tactical clothing

Under Armor Shirts

Combat shirts are a special version of tactical wear for the warm season or hot climate. The sleeves and collar of the shirt are made of dense fabric for protection, and the torso is made of lightweight fabric for better thermoregulation when wearing a bulletproof vest


Combat jackets and tunics are a standard version of the top of the combat uniform designed for different seasons


Viperhoods are simple camouflage capes for partial volumetric camouflage of a fighter. They consist of a hood and sleeves sheathed with either slings for self-hanging with camouflage material, or immediately having it

Hoodie & Sweaters

Insulated sweaters of military and tactical type, are perfect not only as an upper layer in cool weather, but also as an inner layer in severe frost