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Since 24.12.2020, ALL parcels from Grey-Shop to the European Union and UK comes with VAT and Custom duty included. You won't pay anything on custom anymore.

What does it mean?
1. For all shipments to the EU countries there is a €22 limit (since 01.07.2021 there is no limit, you will be charged, even if you paid 1 euro). If it is overrun the custom duty is counted (from €22 up to €150 it is VAT (20%) and tax package registration, if it is more then €150 there is a 19% custom duty).

2. Since 01.07.2021, there is NO chance, that you will get your parcel without any fees, doesn't mean where do you got it, and doesn't mean, what seller wrote in invoice.

3. Now Grey-Shop include all taxes and fees in price, so, you WON'T pay anything on custom.

4. We GUARANTEE that the package will arrive on time without any custom duties, as long as you pay for it on our website.


Q: I found something cheaper on another website, they write, that parcel will arrive without fees too.
A: They lie about it. Since 01.07.2021, ALL parcels comes to EU (and since 01.01.21 to UK), will be charged with custom fees. Doesn't matter, what does he wrote in invoice. Custom will call you and ask to send them detalization from Paypal/Credit Card and will charge you with fees (16-27% VAT + 19% custom fees).

Q: I received email from custom, that i need to pay fees. What i need to do?
A: Don't PAY it. Contact with us, we will found out, what's happens with your order.

Q: Does VAT including works with e-packet or EMS?

A: Yes, works with both of them!

Q: How can i include VAT and Custom fees in mine order?
A: Just place any order on our website, it's already included.

Q: Will it increase price?
A: Yes, we have two zones: EU1 and EU2. EU1 have higher price on 10%, than US for example, EU2 on 15%.

Q: Why EU countries have two zones with different prices?
A: Because in some cases, some countries have bigger VAT, or like to include "random" fees in invoice to us. Difference between zones are only 5%.

Q: Can i NOT include VAT in mine order?
A: Yeah, but in this case we don't respond for any custom fees. Place your order and write on, we will refund those 10 or 15%.

Q: What is custom fee/VAT in mine country?
A: Here is a table for EU, UK and Canada:

European Countries:

1. Germany: 16% VAT, up to 19% Custom fees. 

2. Austria: 20% VAT, up to 19% Custom fees. 

3. Belgium: 21% VAT, up to 19% Custom fees. 

4. Ireland: 21% VAT, up to 19% Custom fees. 

5. Luxembourg: 17% VAT, up to 19% Custom fees. 

6. Monaco: 20% VAT, up to 19% Custom fees. 

7. Netherlands: 21% VAT, up to 19% Custom fees. 

8. France: 20% VAT, up to 19% Custom fees. 

9. Bulgaria: 20% VAT, up to 19% Custom fees. 

10. Czech Republic: 21% VAT, up to 19% Custom fees. 

11. Norway: No VAT, up to 15% Custom fees. 

12. Estonia: 20% VAT, up to 19% Custom fees. 

13. Romania: 19% VAT, up to 19% Custom fees. 

14. Slovakia: 20% VAT, up to 19% Custom fees. 

15. Latvia: 21% VAT, up to 19% Custom fees. 

16. Lithuania: 21% VAT, up to 19% Custom fees. 

17. Hungary:<

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