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Since December 2019 Grey-Shop will be the first in Russia who will provide shipments with custom duty payment on our website, not the custom point.

What does it mean?

1. For all shipments to the EU countries there is a €22 limit. If it is overrun the custom duty is counted (from €22 up to €150 it is VAT (20%) and tax package registration, if it is more then €150 there is a 30% custom duty).

2. Of course there is a possibility for a package to arrive to you without any fees, but we can't guarantee that.

3. To solve this problem we can suggest you DDP service. In this case you have to pay only 50% of the custom duty (we are paying other 50%), which is only 12% of package + delivery price. The payment is made in your cart when you choose DHL shipment.

4. We GUARANTEE that the package will arrive on time without any custom duties, as long as you pay for it on our website. 

5. This unique service is already available on our website. As far as it is an experimental service and no-one have ever used DDP in Russia there can be several technical problems. Don't worry, we guarantee that you will not pay for any custom duty. Further, after testing the service, we are going to increase DDP rate up to 15% of the shipment total price. 


Q: If i won't use it, what is the chance, that i will be stopped in custom?
A: Depend on your coutry. East Europe and Germany very high chance (60-70%), Middle Europe is a middle chances (20-30%) and UK, France and etc is low chances (10-15%, depends on season of the year). 

Q: I got email from DHL, that i need to pay Fees.

A: Yes, that's normal, DHL always inform you about custom fees. BUT DON'T pay them. We will pay them FROM OUR side. You will get parcel WITHOUT fees. If you paid it, we will refund ONLY VAT paid on website and not whole sum. 

Q: If i don't want to use it, what i need to do?

A: Just don't choose it in your cart and that's all. We will ship it as usual :)

Q: Does VAT including works with e-packet or EMS?
A: NO! VAT including works only with DHL Prime Shipping for now. 

Q: How can i use it?
A: Go to checkout, choose your country and turn on a VAT including. It will add 12% to the total (order+shipping). 

Q: Does it work with Paypal Express?
A: Nope, it doesn't. Only with Classic Paypal or Plastic Card payments.

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