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Modern Russian Equipment: Fast Pouches

This article will be helpful for everyone, who want modern Russian Equipment. In this Article we will talk about one of the main part of equipment - Magazine Pouches. 

There are a lot of different type of Magazine Pouches, but in this part of our review we will talk about Fast Pouches. They become extremely popular. They used by Russian FSB, MVD, and even some army special Units. 

There are a lot of Producers, who making them. Main - ANA, Techincom, Gearcraft, SSO

We prepared main pouches, that you can buy in this category

1. Small Fast Pouch (Techincom) (Buy now)
The main Plus of this model - small size, and plastic insertion inside. It fixing Magazine inside of Pouch. Material of Pouch - Mogoteks 1000D. It's smallest AK pouch in our shop, and will be great for small mags (like Sniper Mag for M4/M16, or small AK 10 round Mag). Also, you can make double Mag pouch, because it have Molle. 

2. Quick Access Pouch (Techincom) (Buy here)
It's cheap variant of Fast Pouch. It can be produced in 3 colors, and can be attached to Molle. It will fit great any 5.45x39, 5.56 Mags, so, will be good for Airsoft and Hunting. Made from Mogoteks 1000D. For small mags, like AK 10 rounds mag it will be too big. Also it have big plus - small weight. Only 98 gram! Magazine fixing inside with rubber band. 

3. Gear Craft Fast Pouch. (Buy now)
This Pouch Gearcraft making specially for FSB and MVD units. Made from Mogoteks 1000D this pouch will be good for any Digital Flora sets. 

4. Quick Access Pouch (ANA) (Buy now)
This simple and cheap fast pouch will be excellent for starter kit. Come in 4 colors, it can be placed on Molle, and made from Cordura fabric. Main plus - it's price, and of course quality. Metal button will reliably fixes it on Molle vest. 

5. Double Pouch AK-Fast (ANA) (Buy now)
This pouch made by Russian Company - ANA. It can fit any Mag types (like M4, AK-74, AK-47, small Mags and etc), and can be produced in different versions (For one Mag, for 2 mag and Handgun Pouch). Can be placed on Belt or Molle. Main Plus on this Model - price, durability and of realible fixing Mag inside of pouch. Good fabric, good plastic. This pouch will be great for everyone, who want buy Fast Pouch, but cannot decide which one. Come in Different colors.

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