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The most important need for a man - water. There is no life without water. Flask provide ability to keep water during Raids, Warfare or just trips. 

Flask US type


Russian Army Flask


  • Thermos "SBM-500"
  • Thermo Flask "SV-400"

Thermo-flask "SBM"



Kettles created for water boiling, for example, for tea and for food cooking. Each soldier keep kettle during warfare. 

Russian Army Kettle


VDV Kettle



A soldier can do without sleep for a while, without food, without rest, but he cannot do without the most important thing - water. Dehydrated soldiers - bad soldiers. To solve this problem, invented hydrators - a compact flask of water on the back, with a a small tube. Want a drink? Simply insert the straw into your mouth and squeeze the valve. 

Drinking system SW E


  • Black
  • Khaki
  • Olive

Hydration System "Source" WXP


  • Digi Flora
  • Olive
  • Green Moss
  • Multicam

Hydration System "Stich" 2L


Universal Drinking System


Spare Parts

Different spare parts for hydrators and flasks. 

Magnet Fastener "Source"


Valve for hydrator


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