Helmets with Visor

Helmets with visor is a unique Russian Technology. They appear in Russia in end of 80-x years and still in use. They reliably secure face of operator from shrapnel and bullets, that's why they are so popular in Russia. Almost all Special Force use them. And another plus of this helmets - they are looks cool. 

Helmet "Maska-1"


Helmet "Maska-1" Tachanka Edition




  • Olive
  • Black



  • Black
  • Olive

K6-3 Helmet


  • Black
  • Olive

Replica helmet ZSh-1-2/M/MR


Army Helmets

This helmets created for the Russian Army, but used by some special force. They provide medium protection, but in the same time they are light and do not restrict movement. 

Helmet 6B27/26


Helmet 6B28


Helmet 6B47


Helmet 6B7-1M


Speops Helmets

This Helmets mainly created for Russian Speops operators. That's why their price higher, than army one. Main difference on this helmets in shape, Suspension System and some of them have RIS rails for additional equipment, like flashlights or laser. 

Helmet "LSHZ-2DTM Volcano"


Helmet LSHZ 1+


Kiver RSP


Kiver RSP NE


LSHZ-2DT without a visor


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