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Helmets with Visor

Helmets with visor is a unique Russian Technology. They appear in Russia in end of 80-x years and still in use. They reliably secure face of operator from shrapnel and bullets, that's why they are so popular in Russia. Almost all Special Force use them. And another plus of this helmets - they are looks cool. 

  • Real Radioset + Visor
  • Dummy Radioset + No Visor

GSG Helmet "AM-95"


Helmet Vityaz-S "Electric Train"


  • Olive
  • Black



  • Basic Kit
  • Extended Kit

Helmet "LSHZ-2DTM Volcano"


  • Olive
  • Black

K6-3 Helmet


Helmet "Maska-1"


  • Real Radioset + Visor
  • Dummy Radioset + No Visor

Helmet "Altyn"


  • ZSH-1-2
  • ZSH-1-2M
  • ZSH-1-2MR

Helmet ZSh-1-2/M/MR


Videogames Helmets

Here you can find different helmets, suitable for the Cosplay

Maska-Sch "Killa Helmet"


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