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Soviet Tanks

The Soviet Union, with its vast experience gained during world war II, was an expert in tank construction. The main task for the new generation of tanks was maneuverability and security. They had to be ready at any moment to throw NATO troops into the English channel. These tanks, in addition to nuclear weapons, became one of the restraining factors of peace between the United States and the USSR. 

Soviet MBT "T-72A"


Soviet MBT "T-80BV"


Soviet Armored vehicles

The cold war war was supposed to be a maneuver war. Therefore, for the transfer of soldiers, in addition to standard trucks, they began to use armored personnel carriers. They not only transported soldiers, but also protected them from bullets and small fragments, and also took out wounded fighters to the rear. 

Soviet Airborne Vehicle "BMD-1"


Soviet Infantry Vehicle "BMP-2D"


Soviet Personnel Carrier "BTR-80"


Soviet Trucks

Stalin's organ showed excellent results during the second world war. Therefore, Soviet engineers continued to develop other rocket-firing systems. The Grad replaced Stalin's organ.

Soviet Rocket Launcher BM-21 "Grad"


Soviet Helicopters

After the end of world war II, helicopters began to appear EN masse, which were used not only to transport infantry, but also to support it. Soviet helicopters are still used today. 

Soviet Assault Helicopter "Mi-8"


Soviet Attack Helicopter "Mi-24"


Soviet Aircrafts

The main enemy after world war II for the Soviet Union were the NATO countries. In the event of a full-scale war, the air force had to engage first. Therefore, it had to be very maneuverable and unobtrusive. 

Soviet Attack Aircraft SU-25 "Frogfoot"


Soviet Fighter MIG-21 "Fishbed"


Soviet Interceptor Fighter MIG-31 "Foxhound"


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