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World War 2 Tanks & Tanks Destroyers

Tanks and Tanks Destroyers was the main "Hero" of the World War 2 Battlefield. Their main aim was enemy defense breakthrough. Russian tanks were distinguished by low cost of production, good running properties, as well as powerful guns that left no chance for even the most protected German tanks. Here you can buy models of those legendary tanks. 

Soviet Heavy Tank "IS-2"


Soviet Heavy Tank "KV-1"


Soviet Medium Tank "T-34/76"


Soviet Medium Tank "T-34/85"


Soviet Tank Destroyer "ISU-152"


Soviet Tank Destroyer "Su-85"


World War 2 Trucks

Mostly trains were used to deliver supplies to the front, but there were places where there were no railways, then cheap and unpretentious Soviet trucks came to the rescue. But they were suitable not only for the supply of supplies. The legendary Stalin Organ terrified the fascists. In the back of the truck was a rocket launcher, which was a real nightmare for the Nazis. 

Soviet Truck "GAZ-AA"


Stalin's Organ "BM-13 "Katyusha"


World War 2 Aircrafts

Soviet aircraft had to operate in conditions of air superiority on the part of the Nazis. Therefore, the aircraft of Soviet Russia had to be very maneuverable, as well as durable. Often, Soviet pilots went to ram, shooting down fascist planes at the cost of an airplane, and sometimes their lives. 

IL-2 Stormovik "Tank Hunter"


Soviet Fighter "LA-5FN"


Soviet Fighter "YAK-3"


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