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AKM/AK-74/AK-105/AKSU Forends

Forends for AK created for placing additional modules, like grips, for recoil reduce, flashlight or even tactical lasers. All Special Forces now use modified forends, because it's increase their efficient!

  • Olive Drab
  • Black
  • Coyote

M-Lock Forend for AK "Hort"


AKS-74U KeyMod Forend "VS-24SU"


AK KeyMod Forend "VS-24/25"


AK Keymod Forend "Panther"


SMG Forends

Tactical forend for SMG is one of the most important parts in tuning. It's provide ability to add tactical modules, especially tactical grip, for better control of your SMG. It's very important in close combats. Plus, SMG created for CQB, and flashlight is very popular module for CQB. 

  • Olive Drab
  • Black
  • Coyote

M-Lock Forend for Vityaz "Hort"


Vityaz Keymod Forend "T-210"


Vityaz KeyMod Forend "VS-29"


Scout/Sniper Rifles Forends

SVD Keymod Forend "Leopard"


AS VAL Forend "VSSM"


9a-91 Forend "Rail 91"



Vikhr Forend "Vortex"

$27 $45

Gas Blocks

AK Gas Block "VS-33/39"


  • Olive Drab
  • Black
  • Coyote

Gas Tube "Hort"


AK RIS Gas Block "Puma"


Sling Swivels

Sling Swivel "AFR"


AK Sling Swivels "Armacon"


  • QD Sling Swivel
  • Sling Swivel Type 2

Sling Swivel

$12 $16

Forend Parts

Rail for "VS-24/29/25" Forends


Keymod Picatinny Rail


Keymod bridge for "Panther" Forends


Key Mod Rails "VS"


Stencil Kits & Weapon Paint

  • Digi Flora
  • Partizan/SS Leto
  • Sumrak
  • Skol/Izlom
  • Flectarn
  • Green Kamush
  • Flora

Stencil Set "Landscape"


Stencil Set "Group-A"


Stencil Set "Punisher"



Lightweight Buttstock "Baskak"


Stock Adapters

Stock Adapter with Tube "VS-44"


Adapter for Stock Tube "Monolith"


SVD Stock Adapter "Lynx"


Adapter "M-tube"


ZenitCo Stock Adapter "Airsoft"


Stock Parts

Stock Tube "Telescope"


Stock Tube "Truba"


  • Telescope Stock Type 1
  • Telescope Stock Type 3

Telescope Stock


Polymer Backing on AKS-74 "A-2"


  • Olive
  • Black

Polymer backing on "Baskak" Buttstock


AR-15 Tube Endplate "Armacon"


AR-15 Stock Key "Armacon"


Scope Rails

Receiver Cover "Picatinny VSSM"


Side Rail "BS-150"


Kobra Rail "Weaver-Pikatinny"


Picatinny Rail For PKM


Additional Rails


Here you can find different small items, not included in all other categories, but they are still cool. Take a look on them. 

AK Release Button "Armacon"


Magazine Funnel for AK


Shutter Lever "Knopka"


Shutter Lever "Bomboshka"


Sniper Net on Weapon


Rail Covers

  • Desert

Rail protectors "Shell"


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