Army Helmets

This helmets created for the Russian Army, but used by some special force. They provide medium protection, but in the same time they are light and do not restrict movement.

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Speсops Helmets

This Helmets mainly created for Russian Speops operators. That's why their price higher, than army one. Main difference on this helmets in shape, Suspension System and some of them have RIS rails for additional equipment, like flashlights or laser.

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Helmets with Visor

Helmets with visor is a unique Russian Technology. They appear in Russia in end of 80-x years and still in use. They reliably secure face of operator from shrapnel and bullets, that's why they are so popular in Russia. Almost all Special Force use them. And another plus of this helmets - they are looks cool

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Videogames Helmets

Here you can find different helmets, suitable for the Cosplay

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Covers for Army Helmets

Here you can find helmet cover for almost all Russian Army Helmets. Covers created to provide additional masking, to provide protection for helmets against chips and scratches and just for cool photos in Instagram

Covers for Special Force Helmets

Here you can find helmet covers for Russian Special Forces helmets, like Altyn and Rys-T. Mostly visored helmets, but can include almost modern helmet covers, like Kiver.

Covers for NATO Helmets

Here you can find different covers for Western Type helmets, like Mich 2000 or OPS-Core. Don't want to buy new Russian helmet? Take your Mich and buy just cover on it!

Covers for Googles and Visors

Glass have a bad quality - it can get scratched. To avoid scratched use cover for googles and visors. It will provide reliable protection against BB's, dust, small shrapnel and of course rain

Helmets Parts

Additional spare parts for Russian Helmets and Accessories

Jumping Helmets & Shlemophones

Here you can find Jumping helmet. They are usually used by Russian Paratroopers (VDV), to protect ears from wind and cold. Each VDV unit use them each fly. Very warm and nice, they will works on Airsoft too. Shlemophones created for Tank Units and provide protection from impact and usually have radiosets.

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