Light Assault Vests

Main plus of this vests - it's compact size and weight. Usually they created for assault operations, when you need maximal mobility and speed. If you are planing to create light kit - it's the best choice for you!


Here you can find Chestrigs - popular type of vests, when pouches placed on chest to provide fast access to mags. It's decrease time of recharging. They created mainly for CQB, because pouches on chest not the best decision for forest, when you need lay on ground. If you are looking something for forest - look at Belt Systems!

Russian Army Vests

Line of products "6sh11x" was created for the Russian Army, as universal vest for any aims. It's provide ability to use any pouches with it (because it have Molle sections) and place equipment as on chest, as on waist (like Smersh Vests).

Combat Vests

This vests are the most classic type. They are massive, but include a lot of pouches. Now it's not very popular type of vest, because all pouches are sewn to the vest, but this vests have big advantage - price! It's almost twice cheaper, than MOLLE vests, or even more. If you are looking for durable and affordable vest and don't need specific function and pouches - this vests will be the best choice!