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Bodyarmor Insertions

Here you can find bodyarmor insertions. All of them made from Isolon to avoid custom problems during shipping (original Kevlar is illegal to ship outside of Russia). They are similar to original insertions and making a correct form of bodyarmor. 

EVA Insertion "6B13"


EVA Insertion "Nazgul"


EVA Insertion "Uruk-Hai 6094"


Insertions "6b23"


Insertions "6b3"


Insertions "6b45"


Insertions "6b46"


Insertions "6b5"


Insertions "Bagarii"


Insertions "Defender 2"


Insertions "Korund"


Insertions "Redut-T5 MOLLE"


Light Plates

Light Plates for your bodyarmor. The plate is made of incredibly light, but dense and hard material, which allows you to give the body armor the correct appearance without overloading your back.

Light Plates "Defender 2"


Light Plates "Korund"


Light Plates "SAPI"


Heavy Plates

Heavy Plates for your vest. They have original weight and sizes, but doesn't provide bulletproof qualities. All bulletproof plates are ILLEGAL, to send outside of Russia, so, we don't stock them.

  • Real Weight
  • Light Weight

Heavy Plates "Granit"


Bodyarmor Parts Insertions

Here you can find Soft Bodyarmor Insertions for the Bodyarmor parts, like Throat protectors. 

EVA Insertion "Triangle"


Insertions "Vorot"


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