Russian Suits

Original Russian & Soviet sets of military uniforms consisting of upper and lower parts (jacket / tunic + trousers)

Modern Warfare Suits

Combat suits of modern format, tactical and issued variants are presented

Classic Gorkas

Original Russian combat suits of the Gorka type are a legendary suit for harsh mountain conditions, made of durable tarpaulin with camouflage inserts

Light Sniper Suits

Light sniper suits are actually a feature of the Russian and Soviet spetsnaz scouts. These suits combine the properties of light summer clothing due to light, quick-drying materials, and a special cut that breaks the silhouette, which has a positive effect on the masking properties

Classic Suits

Military suits of the old type are the living embodiment of the Russian and Soviet old school. These sets of military uniforms were previously in service and supply of the Armed Forces of the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation. Great for modeling, or for vintage tacticool

Winter Masking suits

Winter camouflage suits are usually made in white and snowy tones, especially for use in winter and Arctic conditions. These suits usually have special sizes for wearing over insulated sets of clothing such as a 8th layer