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Soviet Compass

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   Not so long ago, orienteering was performed exclusively using a compass and maps of the area, but the presence of smart and simple satellite navigation systems does not mean that the old and proven methods can be forgotten.

   The Adrianov compass is a wrist compass that was adopted by the Tsarist army and later by the Soviet Army. This compass was invented by the cartographer of the Russian Imperial Army, Vladimir Nikolaevich Adrianov in 1907.

   The circular limb of the Adrianov compass has a scale in degrees and thousandths with the price of dividing the limb equal to 3° or 50 thousandths. The values of degree divisions increase in the clockwise direction, and thousandths-against. The glass rotating cover of the compass can be used as a sighting device for counting angles or sighting in any direction. For counting on the scale of the limb on the inner wall of the lid opposite the slot and the front sight, there are index markers. In order to simplify manipulations with the compass at night, these pointers, like the Northern end of the magnetic needle, are covered with a phosphorescent composition or a permanent light mask, which includes Ra226 (a radioactive isotope). To fix the magnetic needle in the non-working position, the compass is equipped with an arrestor that presses it against the glass of the case cover.

1. Reliable and proven compass.

Material of manufacture: Glass, metal.

Weight: 35 gram



    We present to you the products of Russian companies and factories ranging from small workshops to large factories. This can be a massive defense orders, warehouse surplus since Soviet times, small exclusive supply.

However, all Russian goods unites several unique features. This legendary simplicity and reliability comparable with AK47.

The massive use of simple, sometimes rough but incredibly practical materials is a significant feature of the production of the USSR. Russian production in the best extent inherited the experience, but fully supplementing it with the most advanced Western technologies of the new century.

So meet  flavor of Russian manufacturers, you will not be difficult to feel the charm of this enchanting Russian things.

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