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Mountain Ration Pack (FSB Ration Pack)

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Today we tested and created article about ration pack for you. It's used by FSB, as main ration pack. Why they use it? It's easy:

1. It is nutritious and contains all the necessary substances for life

2. It does not use an open flame to heat the food. Instead, a chemical reagent for heating food. This is particularly important in mountainous terrain, as an open flame can be seen in the mountains can be seen for many kilometers
3. It is lightweight and provides food for the whole day

4. He just tasty :)

What it include in it?

1. Crackers made from two types of wheat. Used as bread for meat and condensed milk.

2, 3. Main ration. Type of it depend on batch, that you receive. Can be meat, fish, porridge and etc.

4.5. Secondary ration. Usually - food for breakfast. Also can include porridge in it. 
6. Sausage-meat. Can be used with crackers. Very tasty meat food. 

7. Meat soup. Can be also fish soup and etc. 

8,9. Meat and liver pate.
10. Melt cheese. Spread on crackers.

11. Condensed milk. Very tasty and sweet food! As we know, only in Russia it's well known.

12. Raisins. 

13. 5 packs of Chocolate. "Georgievskii" is one of the most tasty and well known Russian Chocolates. Also you can find it in Army Ration pack. Made from Natural cocoa beans. 
14. Muesli. Made from different fruit. 

15. Energy drinks with different tastes. Made from various fruits and herbs. 

16, 17. Tea and coffee. 

18. Sugar.

19. Solt. peper, multivitamins. 

20. Wipes.

21. Dry alcohol. It is used for heating food in the pot, if you are not afraid to stir up an open flame.
22. Napkins and spoons
23. Chemicals for the heating of food. Not poisonous, but we strictly do not recommend drinking this water. For heating only necessary to add water, and wrap up the package. The food is warmed up for 4-5 minutes.

24. Chlorine tablets for water purification. IN ANY CASES - DON'T EAT THEM!

In general we can say that this ration pack is delicious and nutritious army. 
They can eat three of us, so we recommend it to the subsistence of the game.

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