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Generic VDV Set Guide

Disclaimer: This set is designed for you to create a loadout similar to current russian units. It is not designed to be one hundred percent accurate as with all things Russian the variety is so diverse.

  Airborne Troops (VDV) - genus of the Armed Forces, which means the Supreme Command and intended to reach the enemy in the air and perform tasks in his rear to disrupt command and control, seizure and destruction of ground-based elements of precision weapons, disrupt the advance and deployment of reserves violation Job Logistics and communications, as well as cover-up (defense) individual areas, areas exposed flanks, blocking and destruction of airborne troops landed, had broken through enemy forces and perform other tasks.
In peacetime, the Airborne Troops have primary responsibility for the maintenance of combat and mobilization readiness at a level ensuring their successful application as intended.

    As with any particular branch of service of the Russian Army, VDV has a list of used equipment. In this set we will help all beginners as well as experienced airsoft collect entourage set in one click.

The first thing to note it is color of camouflage gear of VDV soldiers. Their basic coloring is a digital flora (EMP)

        but occasionally they can wear  items of equipment in the flora of the old model , usually it is vest, body armor or helmet cover.


There are several types of uniforms suitable for this kit:

The basic uniform is BTK groups uniforms. It's main uniform used in the Russian army.


We also offer you an improved version of this uniform from company "SPLAV". It is called "Becas". Becas much more practical then classic uniform set. It has increased durability and Weatherproof resistant qualities.

For more complex weather conditions we offer suit Gorka-3. It is made of thick canvas material ideally suited for the harsh weather conditions and Aggressive environment. Not recommended for hot weather.

For work in the forest, as well as for hot weather, we have provided for you disguise suit from BTK. It is light, silent, and a little baggy that blurs your silhouette. Perfect for covert operations.

The following mandatory item, Is headdress.

Airborne soldier most of the time in the helmet. This is one of the most important parts of his equipment.

It can be:

Helmet 6B27            

Helmet 6B7-1M        
*We automaticali include cover for helmets in VDV set

But also it is posible to wear other hats like:


 Special VDV beret       

Each fighter has to have a discharge system.

Main discharge vest is  6sh112

it's molle and very good quality

*you can select variant with or without backpack

Also there are light version of disharge vest : Hameleon

Just simple and light version.


Telniashka is Main underwear Airborne. Long ago became a legendary symbol of this kind of troops.

Balaclava will help you to hide you face in diferent situations.

Dont forget to select correct size and be polite ; )
PS all stuff included in set, you can buy in our site.

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