Helmet ZSh-1-2/M/MR

Manufacturer: Gear Craft
Product Code: hat
Stock Status: Available


Replica of ZSh-1-2/M/MR. Created as training helmet for Airsoft and not only. Made from fiberglass, with original material of strap and durable plastic visor. 

Original helmet is one of the most popular helmets in Russia. Used by most Russian Special forces, Army and even FSB/FSO. It's much lighter, than Altyn and provide second class of defence (can protect from Pistol Bullet).

NOTE! Visor protect from any BB's, but we still don't recommend to use this helmet without glasses. Don't have any ballistic qualities. 

One size fits all. Universal size for any head (from 55 till 62 size of head).

ZSH-1-2 - version without visor. (It`s not competible with ZSH-1-2M visor!)

ZSH-1-2M - version with visor

ZSH-1-2MR - version with visor and working radioset (Kenwood plug)

If you buy ZSh-1-2 version and the visor for ZSH-1-2M SEPARATELY, IT WON`T BE COMPETIBLE! 

If you want a model with visor, you need to choose ZSH-1-2M or 1-2MR