Vest Repair Kit

Manufacturer: Techincom
Product Code: tape
Stock Status: Available



   Active combat entails an unconditional risk of damage to equipment. Slings, fastexes and other details can be damaged and the nearest workshop is very far away. At such a moment, a repair kit will come in handy.

   Russian servicemen use repair kits by Technikom company to repair equipment. Three sets of options are presented: for 6sh112 / 116/117 (includes two fastexes, two buckles, a sling, a piece of fabric and a thread), for 6b46 (includes two fastexes, a piece of fabric, a velcro and a thread) and for 6b43 / 45 (includes two fastex, two pieces of fabric, velcro and thread).

   Such a set can be a universal solution for repairing equipment and clothing out in the fields.

1. Three sets available.
2. It can always be by the hand.
3. A universal solution.

Patches, fastex, velcro.

Weight: 60 gram