MVD Strap for Pistol

Manufacturer: Russia
Product Code: belt
Stock Status: Available



   To insure against the loss of personal weapons, you need to use strap for pistol, because the gun is much smaller than a machine gun or rifle, which makes it very easy to lose and not notice the loss.

   The pistol strap is an absolutely simple leather cord, attached to the pistol handle with a special carbine and a loop to the waist belt.

   Strap for pistol such a regular sample is used in all power structures of the USSR and Russia, the two-seater with a Makarov Pistol.

1. A simple but reliable strap.
2. Suitable for reconstruction of the USSR armed forces, Russian armed forces, police and riot Police.
3. Attention! This product could be in long-term conservation,
in warehouse storage and have external scuffs,
but this does not affect its quality and functionality!

Material of manufacture: Leather.

Weight: 165 gram