Hoodie "Urban"

Manufacturer: Factory "Comfort"
Product Code: hoodie
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   Cool season is often problematic for the military and tactical enthusiasts, since summer suits are already too light for comfortable work, and winter ones are not yet relevant. Fleece has established itself among the special forces as a warm and comfortable material for winter and demiseason clothing.

   "Urban" hoodie from the "Comfort" factory will easily warm you. It is made of light, but warm natural material with a fleece, which ensures high wearing comfort. Produced in a popular military style.

   The hoodie has an adjustable hood, tightened cuffs, it's also pulled down at the waist. There is a kangaroo pocket in the front. A distinctive feature is the bright colors, like a real striped vest.

1. Warm and light, suitable for any weather.
2. Can be worn every day.
3. Military style.
4. Very nice material.

Fabric: Cotton 100%

Weight: 500 gram