Seamless Beret

Manufacturer: Russia
Product Code: beret
Stock Status: Available


Beret is a distinctive feature of Russian Units, like VDV or Military Police. Man in beret looks like a real superhero on battleground. 

Beret one of the main attribute of any VDV, VV MVD, MVD or Army soldier. It's honor wear beret. 

This beret doesn't have Seam. Main minus of Seam - view. This type of berets used from middle of 80-x in Afganistan and another wars, where was Russian or Soviet army. Without seam version appears only in middle of 2000-x years, and now more popular, but of course price of it higher. 

Blue used by VDV (Paratrooper Units).

Olive used by Russian Army. 

Black used by MVD units.