Chestrig "Chameleon"

Manufacturer: Azimut SS
Product Code: vest
Stock Status: Available



   Fighting in rough terrain is a long marches and shootings at a long distance. In this case, body armor may be unnecessary and it would be better to carry more ammo. For this purpose, a chestrig is perfect.

   Azimut SS "Chameleon" vest is equipped with three pouches for 3 SVD mags, designed so that the ammunition makes a minimum of noise when moving. Also 2 double grenade pouches and a pocket for a flare are sewn on the vest. There is an inside pocket for documents.

   Each pouch has a grommet for draining water. Shoulder straps protect the body from rubbing, but can be removed.

1. A simple and affordable vest.
2. Fits 9 SVD mags.

Nylon 100%.

Weight: 500 gram