Kiver RSP NE

Manufacturer: Bastion
Product Code: hat
Stock Status: Available


Kiver RSP one of the most newest helmets in FSB. Created by Fort Tecnology, it's become popular in Special Forces, due NVG mount and of course rails. Now operators can place flashlight or laser on side of this helmet, and that's really helps in city operations.

This is replica of this helmet. Made by Bastion company, well known factory, that produced high quality replicas. Have original webbing system inside.

NE Version - No Ears. Created specially for Operators, who use active ear protectors or need helmet with less weight. Also can be used by paratroopers, because have bending in the back side of helmet to avoid neck trauma during landing. 

One size fits all. Universal size for any head (from 55 till 62 size of head).