Fast Release Pouch "KMP"

Manufacturer: SSO/SPOSN
Product Code: pouch
Stock Status: Available

$12 $25

SSO\SPOSN Manufactured.

Developed for fast access to all necessary elements of first medical aid equipment in case of injury. Simple and genious (as Kalashnikov) construction. Durable fittings and materials. Can be available in various camo patterns. Very good variant for airsoft games, especially milsim genre games.

Kit includes:

1. Velcro mount platform with MOLLE slings on the rear side, flap with attached velcro panel for patches and regulated sling with buckle on the front side.

2. Pouch with velcro panel on the rear side and special strap which is made of bright color material, especially for making its identification faster in case of night or bad visibility. Has two zippers, inner comportment has 1 pocket and a lot of elastic bands for tourniquets and other parts of first aid kit equipment, for example.