Goggles "Osprey" Track

Manufacturer: Splav
Product Code: goggles
Stock Status: Available


These glasses have not been tested to EN166 and ANSI standards. 

We tested it with BB. Lenses are protected from 650 fps shot. 

Glasses with indirect ventilation designed to protect the eyes from the sides and front splash and shock solids

  • Modern polycarbonate material of construction of single-layer lens (thickness - 2.7 mm), provides protection from ultraviolet and blue radiation hard, and complies with the optical correctness
  • Special technology allows you to expand the area of peripheral vision and reduces to the minimum distortion at different angles of view
  • Scratch
  • Coverage from fogging
  • Due to changeable color filters can be easily adapted to any type of illumination
  • The removal of distortions and education "blind spots" through the use of "mono glass"