AK forend "B-10"

Manufacturer: Zenitco
Product Code: spare part
Stock Status: Available


This forend "B-10" created for the ANY Ak Serie guns. Made from Allow of Aluminum, so, it's have great weight and durability. 

Provide RIS/RAS rails for your gun, so, you can place additional equipment, like Flashlight, Tactical Grip or laser. 

Side rails are optional. Take a look on this product: Side Rails "B-2"

Original Zenitco product!  Made in Russia.

There are three version:

1. M version - Version with full rail sides
2. U version - the newest version without attached rails. The lightest and the cheapest version of forends. If you will need rails - you can attach them (B-2 rails).

Can be placed on: Any AK and Saiga. Works with Airsoft copies

Weight: 130/150/180 (U/M/Classic) gramm

Material:  Unique Allow of Aluminum D16T