Airsoft Nozzle

Manufacturer: Combat Union
Product Code: spare part
Stock Status: Available


Airsoft Nozzles, made by the Russian Company - Combat Union made from alloy D16T and created for the AEG. It's made on the high-precision CNC machines in Russia.

It's main feature has an increased "life" (±10 times more) compared to plastic base nozzles, increases stability and increased compression. Can add around 16-25 FPS (5-10 m/s), depend on your AEG.

Length: G36 - 24,9mm; HK417 - 21,3 mm; M4/M249 - 20,8mm; AK - 19,8mm

Compatibility: All companies, who have standard gearboxes.

Material:  Alloy D16T 

Made in Russia.